The Montana Municipal Clerks Treasurers & Finance Officer’s Association is the State organization that serves as a catalyst for all clerks, treasurers and finance officers in Montana. We also plan the education that is one of the primary focuses of the organization; its Education committee ensures that the best educational opportunities available are provided. Annual dues are $50.00.

The Montana Association of Municipal Clerks:
• Provides educational and training opportunities for Municipal Clerks enhancing skills and improving the performance of Municipal Clerks;
• Fosters a better acquaintance with the Municipal Clerks of the State of Montana;
• Assists in developing proper and efficient performance of Municipal Clerks duties associated with the activities of the office;
• Advances and supports sound local government;
• Brings the Municipal Clerks of the State of Montana together to exchange ideas to promote cooperation in finding solutions to common problems;
• Engages activities bringing about a better understanding of Montana Municipal Government;
• Cooperates with the Montana League of Cities and Towns, the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, and other organizations dedicated to the improvement of municipal affairs.