2017 Winter Maintenance & Winter Safety – November, 2017

November 28, 2017: Helena
Jorgenson’s Inn, 1714 11th Ave, (406) 442-1770

November 29, 2017:  Billings
Hampton Inn, 5110 Southgate Dr, (406) 248-4949

November 30, 2017 Glendive
Dawson Community College, 300 College Dr (800)821-8320


This seminar will present information on how to plan for winter maintenance on Montana’s roadways making determinations on sanding, deicing, and snowplowing.  Training will also provide emergency skill elements of winter survival especially for snow plow operators and other public workers who are at risk of becoming trapped in bad weather or who may approach stranded motorists.  Classes start at 8:00am and adjourn at 5:00pm.  Lunch and breaks will be provided


Anyone making determinations of sanding, deicing, and snowplowing Montana roadways should attend.  Also, transportation employees exposed to extreme winter elements and require emergency skills will benefit from this course.

2017 Winter Maintenance & Winter Safety Registration Form