Montana League of Cities and Towns Legislative Positions

Local governments are closest to the people, and as such, deserve respect and support from both the state and federal levels of government for local processes, authority, and decision-making. That is why Montana League of Cities and Towns is committed to preserving and promoting Montana municipalities, the services they provide, and the economies they support.

The League’s Board of Directors have approved the following  Legislative Resolutions to guide its legislative goals and positions throughout the 2023 Legislative Session. Cities and towns are encouraged to pass their own resolution in support of these positions. Use this template resolution to stand with the League during the 2023 Legislative Session.

Resolution 2022-1 General

Resolution 2022-2 Property Taxes

Resolution 2022-3 Housing

Resolution 2022-4 Land Use Environment

Resolution 2022-5 Infrastructure

Resolution 2022-6 Retirement Benefits

Resolution 2022-7 Support Natural Resource Communities

Resolution 2022-8 Support Public Safety

Resolution 2022-9 Support Military Operations

Resolution 2022-10 Building Code Reserve

Resolution 2022-11 Coronavirus