Best Practice Template for Reaching Out to Treasury’s Help Desk

The Treasury portal is up and active.

Below you will find a template to reach out to Treasury’s help desk. They will be flooded by requests for help from the 27,000 cities that need to file, the 3,069 counties and the 50 states. This template will make it as easy as possible for the help desk staff and avoid back and forth with the help desk seeking additional information. The top part should be used on all emails. The sample below should be used if you need to change the account administrator, which was a major problem NLC triaged last year. Feel free to reach out if you have questions. 

In each request to [email protected], include the following in your email:

City, town, village, etc of __________, [State Name]
UEI number _______________
Federal Tax Identification Number ___________________
“Hello Treasury, I am the (Mayor, City clerk, etc.) for the City, town, village, etc of _________, [State Name]. 

(Sample detailed description of problem you need help with):  

The email you have for the City’s Account Administrator is We are unable to access Treasury’s reporting portal using this account. Please reset our Account Administrator as indicated below ASAP so we can make our ARPA filing by 4/30/2023 as required.  The individual below is currently registered in and will need to be set as Account Administrator. The former account administrator died, resigned and not longer works for the city, lost the election, etc.   

name: ____________________ 
title: _______________ 
email: ____________________________

Leandra Lipson
Author: Leandra Lipson