Building Great Places Through Small-Scale Manufacturing

Is your city or town interested in using small-scale manufacturing as a strategy to create economic opportunity, boost the prospects of Main Street, and build great places? Supported by the Economic Development Administration, Smart Growth America (SGA) is again offering free technical assistance designed to help communities incorporate small-scale manufacturing into their plans for revitalizing downtown or other close-in neighborhoods.

Small-scale manufacturers such as woodworkers, fabricators, hardware prototypers, microbrewers, and coffee roasters with regional and national distribution have emerged as a significant force in today’s urban economy. This emerging sector can serve as a powerful tool in the effort to revitalize downtown and other core neighborhoods—while also creating jobs and connecting more residents to economic opportunity.

Find out more about this free technical assistance opportunity by registering for a brief informational webinar with SGA on June 11th at 2 p.m. Eastern where you can learn about the process and ask any questions. [ ] Last year, SGA helped four communities learn how to boost the economic prospects of downtown through small-scale manufacturing, and released a preliminary report about how others can learn from their experiences. This year they’re offering assistance to six communities. You can find that report and all information about the application process at Applications are due on June 29th.