Land Survey Technician – Helena – Stahly Engineering

Land Survey Technician
Job Overview
Assist survey staff with field data collection and stakeout. Initially, this will entail working closely with our licensed Professional Land Surveyors (PLS) or Land Survey Interns (LSI) to insure proper training in operating and caring for survey data collection equipment on typical data collection and stakeout projects. The technician will also be trained in data post-processing. After approximately 3 months of training, the employee will be expected to perform these tasks on a more independent basis, for example, performing local field and post-processing tasks unassisted but still under the direct supervision of a PLS.

This position requires the ability travel and stay away from home, typically no more than a week at a time.  One can expect consecutive out of town trips in our busiest months. It is also a seasonal position and winter part-time employment needs vary from year to year depending on workload and backlog.  Anticipated months of full time employment are April through November.

Essential Functions of the Job
Ability to quickly learn electronic measurement systems and processing software and perform operation and maintenance of such systems.
Learn and perform standard field procedures and practices such as proper setup of measuring equipment (tripod leveling, etc.), starting and performing field data collection and measuring, and processing and transmittal of data deliverables.
Learn and employ company standard practices such as field data feature and automated drafting codes, post-processing and quality control techniques, and good communication.
Take and follow directions and guidance from a supervisor.
Professional and courteous interaction with co-workers and the general public.
Keep assigned field vehicle and equipment well organized and clean.
Adhere to all safety policies of the company.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Stahly Engineering & Associates has an excellent survey staff with a mentorship program in place and therefore will invest in the amount of training necessary for the survey technician to work independently in the field.  Prior survey knowledge and ability is preferred, specifically, experience with survey-grade global positioning systems (GPS) and related geomatics software, and conventional total station type equipment and practices.


The ability to withstand sustained periods (all day) of being outside and endure Montana’s weather is essential.  Must be able to use a sledge hammer and carry heavy equipment such as GPS base station, RV battery, tripods, and equipment and supply bags.  Must be able to stand for sustained periods (all day) and have the ability to hike up and down steep grades and climb over fences. Other physical duties include:

Loading and unloading survey equipment and supplies into and out of the back of a truck daily.
Loading, unloading, and operating a four-wheeler or UTV.

Required Education and Experience
Prior field surveying experience is strongly preferred. Twelve credits of classroom/lab survey related education or training is preferred.  This could be formal education credits (college or university) or informal seminar type training.

A current valid driver’s license is required; ability to operate a four-wheeler or UTV is preferred.
Please provide resume and references to Human Resources: 3530 Centennial Drive, Helena, MT 59601 or email
Equal Opportunity Employer.