Legislative Action Contacts – Are you ready and able to help the League?

The Legislative session is in its second half and things will continue to move quickly.

Each community has identified one or more people to take action when the League needs help.

If you are a Legislative Action Contact, we want to make sure you receive the emails sent from our legislative campaign system and remind you to take action immediately when these emails come to you.

Below are a few reasons you might not have participated in the past and solutions to help you get involved.

I don’t know if I’m getting the emails:

If you’re not sure if you are receiving legislative action emails, please check your email for the following requests for action. They will come from Amanda Burkhart ([email protected]):

  1. 1.   January 11 – Act now to oppose HB107!
  2. 2.  March 15 – Action needed ASAP! Oppose HB 436
  3. 3.  March 17 – Take action now! Leave TIF as is!
  4. 4.  March 24 – Act now to stop limits on mill levies!
  5. 5.  March 29 – Act IMMEDIATELY! Oppose SB 260

If you don’t see these emails in your inbox, they may have gone to your junk/spam mail. If so, please follows these instructions to make sure that doesn’t happen again. If you or your IT still have any issues, please contact MMIA Computer System Analyst Jim Avril at 406-495-7026.

I’ve gotten emails, but don’t know what to do with them:

If you receive these emails but aren’t sure how to take action:

  1. 1.   Click the blue “Click Here to Email Legislators” button at the bottom of the email.
    1. a.  This will open a new internet window with general information about the bill and the issue.
  2. 2.  Email your legislator(s)*
    1. a.  Click “Preview Email”
    2. b.  Customize the email by adding how the issue affects your community and signing your name.
      1. i.  If you customize the email and are going to send it to more legislators, you may want to copy your customized email so you can paste it for the next legislator.
    3. c.  Click “Send Email” at the bottom.
      1. The system will let you know your email sent and mark that legislator as one you’ve sent an email to.

*If we are asking you to reach out to a legislative committee, we encourage you to email each member of the committee. If it is to the full Senate or House, you can choose legislators you have a connection with or those who represent your community or do them all if you have the time.

 I took action, but not through the platform.

That’s great! Please let us know if you emailed or called a legislator by sending a quick email to [email protected].

I had questions or concerns about the legislation or the League’s position on it.

You can learn more about individual bills by clicking the bill number in the email. Also, when you click the blue, “Click Here to Email Legislators” button, it will take you to a landing page that gives a brief synopsis of the bill and the League’s position on it.

If you still have questions or concerns, please to Tim Burton  (406)442-8768 or Kelly Lynch 406-465-5711  to discuss them.

Also remember, the positions taken on given bills are guided by a document approved before the session by the League board of directors.

Thank you all for your time and assistance as the 2021 Legislative Session moves forward. Every email you send and call you make helps protect not just your community, but the interests of all Montana cities and towns!