Missoula named one of five Great Neighborhoods of 2017 by the American Planning Association

It’s the people, the places, and the partnerships that make the Heart of Missoula the thriving, vibrant center of the city and an outstanding destination for the Rocky Mountain West.

The Heart of Missoula is synonymous with the downtown and exists as a neighborhood of long-time residents, university students, local business owners, employees, art- and culture-seekers, market-goers, recreationists, and cherished visitors who intermingle and all have a role in Missoula, Montana’s success story.

Hosted in Caras Park, the Garden City BrewFest is the perfect opportunity for the community to embrace spring weather and enjoy favorite local and regional craft beers. Photo courtesy Missoula Downtown Association.

Through vision, planning, diligence, and ambition, the Heart of Missoula has overcome many challenges to retain its stature as an outstanding example of a mid-sized city successfully preparing for new opportunities while also honoring its roots and sense of community… (more)