The purpose of this award is to identify and recognize a member of the Montana Municipal Clerks, Treasurers and Finance Officers Association who has made significant contributions to the objectives of the Municipal Clerks/Treasurers profession, the improvement of municipal government in Montana in both contributions and improvements in the Clerks/Treasurers own community. Qualities to look for are length of service, good relationship with fellow clerks/treasurers, interest in education, furthering of the Association, attendance at national and regional conferences, community service and furthering of the Municipal Clerk/Treasurers profession.

Any member of the MMCT & FOA or a municipal official is encouraged to nominate a candidate for recognition for MMCT & FOA Lifetime Achievement Award for the current year. Letter of Nomination must be received no later than April 20th. Mail Nomination information to Lanie Gospodarek, Town of West Yellowstone, Finance Director, P.O. Box 1570, West Yellowstone, MT 59758. The finalist will be honored at the Montana Municipal Clerks, Treasurers and Finance Officers Semi Annual Meeting in the spring.

A nominee for the MMCT & FOA Lifetime Achievement Award MUST MEET the following criteria:

1.   Be a current member and member in good standing of the Montana Municipal Clerks, Treasurers & Finance Officers Association for at least (5) years. Member in good standing means a fully paid member.

2.   Currently holds the position of municipal or deputy clerk/treasurer, clerk/treasurer or finance officer.

3.   Exhibits leadership ability.

4.   Have obtained Certification as Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) or Certified  Municipal Finance Administrator.

5.   Be active in the Montana Municipal Clerks, Treasurers and Finance Officers  Association, i.e. attendance at semi-annual conferences, participation in committee  work, etc.

The Achievement Award Committee, following the letter of nomination, may request additional information.

A letters of support from the nominated individual’s municipality may accompany the letter of nomination.



  1. Nominations may be submitted by a member of the MMCT & FOA or any Municipal official. There is no limit to the number of times an individual may be nominated for this award. However, the successful candidate may be the recipient of the award one time. A member of the Achievement Award Committee should not nominate an individual.
  2. A letter of nomination form may be obtained from the Achievement Award Committee, download or e-mailing a request to
  1. Mail nominations to Lanie Gospodarek, Town of West Yellowstone Finance Director, PO Box 1570, West Yellowstone, Montana, 59758. Nomination will be reviewed by the committee (see list below). The committee will verify the above qualifications. The final selection will be made from the qualifying nominees. There may be a year or years in which there is no outstanding nominee and no award given.
  2. The name of the nominees and the recipient will remain confidential. ***.
  3. A short biography will be read, announcing the name of the recipient of the “MMCT & FOA Achievement Award” at the annual Montana Institute of  Municipal Clerks, Treasurers and Finance Officers.
  4. The award will be a plaque of the MMCT & FOA logo having an inscription of the title of the award, the year, and the name of the recipient.
  5. A congratulatory letter will be sent from the President of MMCT & FOA to the Board/Council of the successful nominee, asking that they adopt a resolution recognizing the achievement of their employee.
  6. Following the awarding of the plaque, the Committee will notify the (1) media, (2) MMCT & FOA Newsletter, (3) the Town’s Association, (4) the League of Cities and Towns (5) IIMC, (6) MTA, and (7) any local media in the recipient’s area.

***Clarification of confidential: This means the only persons who know the individuals who have been nominated are the Members of the Achievement Award Committee. The President of the MMCT & FOA will be informed at the annual conference and provided with the proper information to present the award.

Committee Members:
Lanie Gospodarek, West Yellowstone
Doris Pinkerton, Forsyth
Michelle Richards, Colstrip