NEW! Graduate Certificate in Public Policy

Graduate certificate in public Policy


The Certificate in Public Policy offers public employees fundamental and advanced skills through a series of core classes. These classes provide basic knowledge and skills that enhance the level of data driven decision-making in public service organizations.
Many public employees have bachelor degrees in data-driven technical fields but lack the advanced skills in public policy. The Certificate in Public Policy uses existing courses in the Master of Public Administration Program to provide a more specific opportunity for public service employees to gain skills, knowledge, and training by completing a short set of classes such as policy analysis, applied research methods, or performance measurement. Upon completion of the certificate, students can apply credits towards the MPA degree.

Application Process

Rolling admission (fall, spring, or summer)
Official Transcript, 300-word statement of interest, undergraduate degree with minimum 3.0 GPA
Courses offered online or in-person or robot
In-person classes offered one night per week
(4:30 – 6:50 p.m.)

Required Courses

Complete two from the list below (Foundation):
PUAD 531 Introduction to Public Policymaking (online or in-person)
PUAD 503 Policy Analysis (online or in-person)
Complete two from the list below (Analysis & Applications):
PUAD 527 Performance Measurement (online)
PUAD 506 MPA Applied Research Methods (online or in-person)
PUAD 505 Public Budgeting and Finance (online or in-person)
PUAD 507 Program Evaluation (online or in-person)
PUAD 561 Ethics in Public Administration (online)
PUAD 595 Environmental Governance & Policy (online or in-person)
PSCI 540 American Politics (in-person)
PSCI 524 Management Skills (in-person)

For more information contact Dr. Sara Rinfret.


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Janel Favero
Author: Janel Favero