Municipal Photo Contest

Photo of a mural on a wall in Townsend Montana, blacked over with the words

Show off what makes your city or town special! Have fun, be creative, and show us Montana’s cities and towns through your lens! This photo contest is meant for people of all skill levels. Whether you are a smartphone photographer, or more experienced with a camera, we welcome all eligible submissions.

Categories include but are not limited to: parks and recreation; events; key places and hardscapes like buildings, equipment, streets, and sidewalks; municipal employees at work; and historical photos.

Timeline: Submission due August 15, 2022

Prize: Selected photos will be featured in a calendar given out at this year’s conference. The grand prize winner will receive a WINVIN waterproof camera bag. Photos may be retained for use in League/MMIA publications such as bulletins, newsletters, etc., or as décor in the League/MMIA offices.

Who’s Eligible: Montana municipal employees and elected officials, League Partners, tourism groups, and companies that contract with Montana municipalities. Photos must be the property of the person/organization submitting. The photo’s owner must be willing to give the League/MMIA permission to use the photo for appropriate business purposes.

If you have questions about the Photo Contest, please contact Janel Favero at 406-495-7016. Thank you for your continued support.

Contest Rules