Federal military operations in Montana are a critical source of economic health in our communities. The Montana National Guard provides more than $182 million in economic impetus to the State of Montana, and the total federal economic impetus of the Montana Department of Military Affairs and the National Guard to the State of Montana is over $196 million. Malmstrom Air Force Base provides more than $610 million in economic impetus to the State of Montana, airmen stationed at Malmstrom own an estimated 1,116 homes in Montana, military construction and service contracts provide more than $34 million to local contractors, the base spends more than $10.4 million for utilities, and Malmstrom services more than 7,000 miles of roads in Montana, which benefits Montana’s commerce. Some other military assets in Montana include Fort Harrison, Limestone Training Range, Hayes Military Operations Area, Malmstrom Air Force Base, Powder River Training Range and various Montana Army and Air National Guard units. From defense contracts, mutual aid agreements, to the revenue generated by servicing military personnel, Montana’s military has tremendous statewide impact.

Federal base realignment and closure activities and other cost-cutting measures put current military missions and assets in Montana and Montana’s economic well-being at risk. In addition, Montana communities are missing strategic opportunities for defense industry growth statewide.


The MLCT will support efforts to help protect existing military assets in Montana, collaboratively address national cuts to any military assets in Montana, and develop opportunities for defense industry growth.

Nick Haswell
Author: Nick Haswell