2024 Executive Forum

February 28 – March 1
Sidney, MT

The Executive Forum is tailor-made for Montana’s Mayors, City Managers, Chief Executives, and Chief Administrative Officers, offering a unique opportunity to gather, learn, and network.

At the Forum, you’ll dive into critical discussions and gain access to invaluable resources aimed at enhancing your leadership skills and strengthening your community impact including:

  • Best Practices for Citizen Communication: Learn effective strategies to engage and connect with your constituents.

  • Efficient Council Meetings: Master the art of running productive and streamlined council sessions.

  • Insights from The Clerk’s Perspective: Gain valuable insights into local governance from the clerk’s viewpoint.

  • Mayor’s Roundtable: Engage in dynamic discussions on the evolving role of local government.

  • Property Tax Dialogue: Navigate the complexities of property tax with expert guidance.

  • Municipal Risk Management: Equip yourself with essential tools to mitigate risks and protect your municipality.

  • Special Sessions for City Managers: Tailored sessions designed to address the unique challenges faced by city managers.

For more, view our DRAFT Agenda.

This year’s Forum is being held at MSU Extension Richland County in Sidney and is once again presented by the experts from the League, MMIA, and MSU Local Government Center.

In addition to enriching sessions, attendees will enjoy an engaging economic development tour of Sidney and two sponsored social hours, fostering connections beyond the conference room.

Don’t wait to secure your spot. Registration closes February 20th. And be sure to take advantage of the exclusive discounted rate at Candlewood Suites by referencing “Executive Forum” when booking your accommodation.

Elevate your leadership journey and make meaningful connections at the 2024 Executive Forum. 


Leandra Lipson
Author: Leandra Lipson