The State-Local Infrastructure Partnership Program, established through House Bill 355 during the 2023 legislative session, is a state-funded initiative designed to assist cities and towns in financing the maintenance and repair of local government facilities through collaborative efforts. Local governments are required to contribute a cash match to participate in this partnership.

Starting from July 1, 2023, for the biennium, a total of $20 million is allocated from the general fund to the Montana Department of Commerce ("Commerce"). These grants will be awarded in accordance with the provisions of HB 355, ensuring compliance with eligible projects recommended by the legislative bodies of each city or town. The Department of Commerce requests that you make reasonable efforts to submit completed applications by March 30th. LEARN MORE.

Eligible Projects

-Drinking water systems-Wastewater treatment systems
-Fire suppression systems (if independent of a drinking water system)
-Public grounds and buildings
-Projects that expand existing water and wastewater treatment plants that are being operated at 90% of design capacity or greater

Grant Limits

City and Town Allocation of Funding Amounts 

Project Application

Grant Application

Model Resolution Template - This is a sample resolution to reference. Please note, it it not required by HB 355.

To learn more visit the Department of Commerce State-Local Infrastructure Partnership Act webpage.

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