Grants for Municipalities


Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities
The Federal Transit Administration has announced the availability of $1.5 billion to support state and local efforts to modernize aging transit fleets with low- and no-emission buses, renovate and construct bus facilities, and support workforce development. Applications must be submitted by February 22nd. LEARN MORE.

RAISE Grants
Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) grants for cities and towns are being accepted by the US Department of Transportation for planning or construction. The deadline to apply is February 28thLEARN MORE.

Montana Main Street Grants (MMS)
Montana Department of Commerce is accepting MMS grant applications for planning and/or implementation projects directly related to downtown revitalization, development, and historic preservation now through February 28thLEARN MORE.

Montana Historic Preservation Grants
Grants are available support the preservation of historic sites, historical societies or history museums; this includes brick-and-mortar improvements to address various infrastructure, maintenance, building code, climate control or fire protection issues. The deadline to apply is February 29th. LEARN MORE.

AARP Community Challenge Grants
AARP Community Challenge grants fund quick-action projects that help communities become more livable by improving public places, transportation, housing, digital connections, and more. Applications are accepted across three different grant opportunities now through March 6th. LEARN MORE.

Reclamation and Development Grants Program (RDGP)
The Montana Department of Natural Resources (DNRC) is accepting applications for RDGP Planning Grants. Grants up to $75,000 are available to any city, county, Tribe, conservation district or other political subdivision in Montana. Applications will be reviewed monthly until closed. The deadline to apply is March 21st. LEARN MORE.

State-Local Infrastructure Partnership Act (HB 355)
The State-Local Infrastructure Partnership Program is a state-funded program to help cities and towns fund the maintenance/repair of local government facilities on a partnership basis, with local governments supplying a cash match. The recommended date to submit priorities is March 30th. LEARN MORE.

Water Quality Project Grants
Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is seeking applications for approximately $1 million in funding for nonpoint source pollution prevention and reduction projects. Grant funds are available to nonprofit or government organizations for on-the-ground projects, capacity building or education outreach project. The deadline to apply is April 5th. LEARN MORE.

Renewable Resource Grant Program (RRG)
DNRC is now accepting RRG planning grant applications to provide financial assistance to governmental entities preparing quality Renewable Resource Grants and Loans (RRGL) for projects that that will conserve, manage, develop, or protect Montana’s renewable resources. Grants are available to local governments up to $40,000. Applications are reviewed monthly until the closing date of April 30thAPPLY NOW.

HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME-ARP)
Montana Department of Commerce’s Housing Division is accepting a second round of HOME-ARP applications now through April 30th. HOME-ARP is a federal block grant that provides funding for reducing homelessness and increasing housing stability. Local governments, public housing authorities and private developers are eligible to apply. LEARN MORE

Inflation Reduction Act Community Change Grants
Local governments partnered with one or more community-based, nonprofit organizations may apply for funding to support projects that deploy clean energy, strengthen climate resilience, and build capacity for communities to tackle environmental and climate justice challenges. These grants, administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, may be submitted under two separate tracks depending on the project scope. The deadline to apply is November 31stLEARN MORE.

Pilot Community Tourism Grant Program (PCTGP)
The purpose of PCTGP, authorized by the 2023 Montana Legislature’s enactment of SB 540, is to elevate communities across the state, increase their economic vibrancy by improving their appeal as visitor destinations, and improve their resilience as a destination by enhancing and diversifying tourism assets and infrastructure. Applications are being accepted on an ongoing basis. LEARN MORE.

Leandra Lipson
Author: Leandra Lipson