Resolution #2012-1 General Principles

Local governments provide the services and facilities that are the foundation of the Montana economy.  Our cities and towns are among the best places in the country to live and work, raise a family and operate a business.  The League of Cities and Towns is committed to preserving and promoting these qualities, and it will be guided during the 2013 Legislature by the following principles of fair, affordable and effective local government:

  1. protection of current state transfer payments and the promotion of new sources of revenue to fund essential local services
  2. diversification of the local government finance structure, particularly laws allowing cities, towns, counties and consolidated governments to develop alternatives to property tax mill levies
  3. maintenance of state grant, loan and investment programs to fund capital improvements and enhance the value of local tax dollars
  4. adherence to the intent as well as the letter of federal and state laws and policies that prohibit unfunded mandates
  5. effective planning and development policies that discourage sprawl and promote the more efficient delivery of water, sewer, transportation and other local services
  6. opposition to all measures that limit or diminish municipal authority in   contradiction of the Local Government Article of the 1972 Constitution
  7. recognition of the contribution of cities and towns to the history and culture of our state and a better understanding of the fact that all public policy should begin and end with those special places a majority of Montanans call home.